Exclusive Deals


Free Delivery Wednesday


Every Wednesday, enjoy our online ordering service and you may get your meals delivered with NO DELIVERY FEE.


Free Delivery with Momiji Yard Sign.


Yes we deliver sushi, and you can even get your meal delivered with no delivery fee, but how though?

  • Talk to any staff member to claim a Momiji Yard Sign.

  • Place the yard sign in a visible location in your front yard for the public to see. (This deal is not applicable for apartment residents)

  • After we have confirmed your yard sign and address, your delivery fee will be waived for as long as this promotion continues.

  • If at any point, you would like to discontinue the yard sign promotion please just call us and we will be happy to pick up your sign at our earliest convenience. If we do not see your sign we will automatically opt you out of this promotion.


FREE Miso Soup & Green TEA


It’s about the time to warm up yourself. This winter, enjoy the warm miso soup "and" green tea on the house with any purchase when you are dining in at Momiji Sushi Restaurants.
Participating locations: West Salem, N.E. Salem, Lebanon, Monmouth, North Bend.


Tuesday Sushi 2 For 1

Get 2 pre-selected sushi rolls for only $11.98 every Tuesday.

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Chef’s Special

Momiji Sushi Restaurant Chef's special Salmon Toro Roll

Toro Roll

Chef's Special of the week: Toro Roll for $9.98 (was $13.98)
What is Toro? Salmon Toro is the most valued part of salmon, it is the tenderest belly portion of the fish, thus sometimes you can find salmon toro on a sushi menu and it's always limited supplied.
Full ingredients: Salmon Toro, Baby Shrimp, Asparagus, Crab Salad, Avocado, Tobiko, Spicy Sauce, Eel Sauce, Green Onion.

This roll comes in 8 pieces.